Batman, The Dark Knight Review

Ivy’s Review

I don’t usually fancy all this heroic movie because i find it too naive. but the batman movie is very interesting. i like how everything is potray in it. i like how christian bale act and that batman voice is just so macho.

but i think the Joker by Heath Ledger stole a huge part of the show, i like how he acted the whole Joker attitude, insane yet insane. I still think he’s act perfectly! even thou there is a slight different from the previous Joker. why so serious?

the whole 2 hours 30 minutes of the movie was worth my every second freezing in the cinema. Especially the part where Joker gave starts to play around with no rules and how everything was plan earlier.

There were a few scene that i find really touching. the most touching scene is when two ships were suppose to have bomb and the Joker ask them to bomb either one ship. 😦 one is with prisoner in it another one was with good ol citizen. normally people would have thought the prisoner would just bomb the citizen away, but the fellow prisoner just throw away the bomb device. super touching. everyone was too kind and doesn’t want to kill people on the other boat.

In the end, the hero goes to Harvey Dent and batman remain as the guardian of the Gotham city.

Rating wise 10/10

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