Multiple Notes

Finally, written and posted all those journal that was drag from ages ago.

what to do, college is taking a large portion of my time.

I don’t even have time to sleep, so yesterday i slept for 15 hours straight. Yes, i’m that tired plus i miss my bed alot…haven’t given it warm for quite sometime. and today i slept for 10 hours.

Pheww.. i’m a happy girl with enough dosage of sleep already.


I’ve got this very peculiar thing going on with my life. and i hope it maintains till that very day.
Been busy with assignment for the past two weeks, and nearly went nuts. thanks to all those dosage of questions that i don’t know how to answer.
and i think next semester there would be a transition. because i’ll got banana if it kept going like that.
Just to inform, i’m the class rep of my group. basically what i do is just to print notes from the lecturer.
because there was when i inform about other things, nobody listen. I inform a few times about cancellation of class. advance a week earlier. and in the end, most don’t know about it. 😦 next time i might need to squeak in order to get their attention.
i’ve got tonnes of embarassment moment in college already. Yes, in a matter of two months, i’ve embarrass myself like nobody’s business.
  • forgot to silence my cellphone during Eletronic Media test, and the whole lecturer hall could listen to my ringtone. and it doesn’t only ring once, it ring twice. 😦  after test, when i check my mail only did i notice it was answers. thank god, the lecturer didn’t come forward and check my cellphone.
  • my high-pitch voice had recognition already. basically my weakness is already well known. the number of 187129031092 times i squeak in lecturer hall is uncountable. people know me by my voice already. how great is that?
  • always forgotten where my stuffs are. 😦 i will need to put a device in all my stuffs already. where i could track them when it is gone.
You see, *sigh*

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