The Public Event That I Went

i went to a few public event this few months.

i’m that boring that i went. plus, just wanna see how was things happening. i might be what i would do one day

went to Bookfest and splurge on books and stationery

Roxy Seventeen Summer Splash Party

i queue for almost 2 hours before i could get into Sunway. and i think i left shortly after i am inside. i went there for the free gift. yes, i’m that ulu. the people queuing are all damn insane, pushing people, stepping on my foot, and many other disgusting stuff that i don’t want to mention. and worst! we are only allowed to be in one part of Sunway Lagoon only. i think we left after less than 30 minutes inside there. and i’m sorry to Zhaoyung and SookKeng for dragging them with me into this whole bitchy event.

My College, TARC Talent Time Night

a very entertaining night which i was left outside the college hall stranded for an hour and that was just because i didn’t wear formal when as the matter of fact, actually i have formal clothes back home.Β  and the winner for the dance categoy was not what i expect. I was expecting the Reborn group to win.. and in the end, don’t know which chicken banana nut won. damn fake!! and the overall performance should be win by Reborn too.. damn fucked up!

KL Urbanscape

i got myself one free ticket to the event, thus the alone-ness. and i’m proud of myself that i was there alone for almost 3 hours. yes, that is what shopping could do to ease my boredom and alone-ness.

i was an event about music, art and movies. loved the event till i can faint.Β  everyone there was just so artistic, even the way they dress is different πŸ˜‰

and BONDORI!!!

finally i went. i was bugging my friends to go and happy that they entertain me.

πŸ™‚ heart my bitches.

yes, i’m that ‘wai sek’ the moment i reach i search for food.

Overall, the whole bondori is quite happening. I like the dancing part where everyone would dance along, but it was just that the whole 3 part of dancing is the same movement that we left rather early and adjourn to dinner at TeaHouse, Cheras

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