Siew Chin’s Birthday

first celebration with my collegemate, B4

*raise hand high and up* i was the one who co-organize it.

yup, because i was thinking it will be a good bonding way. sometimes it felt as if my groupmate doesn’t show the effort to know each other. everyone just stick to their own form group. i bet ten bucks there are still some of my groupmate who didn’t know who is who. if i ask who is Mei Siew, some might don’t know. it’s as sad as that. almost 2 months, some still don’t know who is who. everyone too shy to bond around, or just couldn’t be bothered. i have no idea.

i just do what i’m suppose to do, and mix around like nobody’s business.

it was Siew Chin’s birthday

Our dai ka jie in the class.Β  i bought an orange flavour cake.

very very last minute purchase, i know about Siew Chin’s birthday the day before. thus the late-ness in buying it.

wahahhaha.. right now i’ve got the list of my classmates birthday. will organize ignore some suprise birthday party. if had to πŸ™‚

let me introduce to you the puteri and putera of Diploma in Mass Communications Year 1, group B4

the girls

Second row from left : Asther, Jynn, Chor Kuan, Mei Siew, Foong Qin, Hui Hui, Evelyn

First row from left: the girl with cap, Kate, birthday girl, Kenzie, Ka Kee (Jia Qi), Joann

person missing in picture : Joanne

the boys

Second row from left: Kiang Sang (God of Car), Crime, Eddie, Bryant, Zhen

First row from left: Jia Wei, Chee Teck, Kah Chiun, birthday girl

There was the usual session where the birthday girl had to kiss the cake.

and boy, was it a heart pumping session.

Siew Chin’s face was full of cream. and those that had cream of their faces as well are chasing each other to pat some cream on other people’s face.

it was a very enjoyable day, at least i think after today.. they are slighly closer. i think

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