Hatyai Trip Part 2

I think i have this very peculiar attitude where i would always venture to 7-11 when i’m at another country. just wanted to see how different it is from my own country and what they have that in Malaysia we don’t have.

Thus, the reason why i tried out their MINCED PORK instant mee. by any slim chances, i would never have the chance to see an instant mee with minced pork. what to do, we’re in Islamic country, where MCDonald is allowed to have beef burger where certain Chinese couldn’t have it but we couldn’t have pork burgers.

The taste of it was still okay, just like any other instant mee would have taste.

i like their Thai-vitagen. i don’t know what the heck the call that because i don’t know how to read thai word. The taste of the drink is almost the same as vitagen. yummy

my favourite junk food.. i like the chocolate biscuit with strawberry cream.

Basically i’m too lazy to write already.. it was just like a responsibility to write this journal..because someone other there wants to know. btw, i had my one of virginity burst in Hatyai, tried bird-nest soup in Hatyai, something called coconut bird nest, i like the smell of it. i ate more coconut than i have for bird-nest in the soup.

second, must explore food section is all those MCD outlet. every MCD outlet has different type of menu. in hatyai their menu got pork burger which i tried is just average. But i like their TARO PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s super duper yummy that i ate it during lunch and take away another one for my dinner. In Malaysia, we only have banana and apple pie which i don’t like it. but the taro pie is hyper delicious. When can Malaysia have this in their menu? me wan taro pie.!!!

tried out the mango rice too. and i nearly puke. the extra white sauce is very disgusting. i think i tried out the wrong stall. the white sauce felt more like orgasm. i just persuade myself to eat the mango and not the sticky rice. but the mango is delicious, SWEET!

The whole trip about Haytai was happy thou.

At least, Kitmun and I got our session of pillow talk during the night. love her to the max. but financially i’m death for the trip spend more than i was suppose to. shopping is to be blame, money goes to bra, clothes, food and souvenirs…


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