Hatyai Trip Part 1

Lavender of That Day: These journal is very OUT-DATE.

During the month of May, went to Hatyai, Thailand with KitMun.

A six hours bus trip to Hatyai, is just time-consuming and butt-aching.

I nearly wanted to ask the driver to stop me at Penang, and i just might as well just shop my moolah off at Penang.

but for the sake of one month preparation for this trip and the fact that KitMun actually offer and ask me to go with her, i just couldn’t say NO. It was a 3 days/2 nights trip. Left KL at 7am, then left Haytai at 9am in the morning. It was more like a 1 day 2 night trip because the schedule was so packed that we didn’t have much time to explore Haytai even thou there’s nothing much to be explore

i brought my brother teddy with me. 😦 mine are all too capacious, i couldn’t take anyone of them along. will need to find a travel teddy with me already

6 hours of trip to Hatyai were spend in the bus sleeping, reading books (yes, i bring one book along), listening to songs and last but not least, having small talks with KitMun.

Actually it was a tour, where we had to follow the tour guide to trips around Hatyai but we skipped all of it because me and my friends prefer shopping and exploring the place ourself.

The only thing i like about Hatyai is NOTHING. Okay, maybe there is something that i might have forgotten about it but due to the unforeseen circumstances and the fact that i blog this out these late..i’ve forgotten about all those good things that happen.

It’s undeniable that i like shopping there, maybe partial. Those fake branded names are just too many till i find it very annoying. I didn’t even tried the local food there, because i was too busy shopping. Large portion of time is spending searching for shopping centre or previous shops that we visit.

went to watch the transvestite show which very pretty entertaining but when the show ends, its when the nightmare begun. wtfabcdoremi. the showgirl/boy will wait for the customers at the exit and start asking for Bhat. it was very eerie. imagine girl that comes to use having a very masculine voice. they wouldn’t let u go till u give them something 😦 if you don’t give them, mean words will be said. and there were about twenty showgirl/boy.

After that show, we’re curious about the whole Tiger Show thing. thus, we ask our tour guide to help us to find the ticket. nope, i’m not perverted. it was just base on curiosity. i’m fucking mad after watching the tiger show. it was not worth what i paid for, what was promise was not delivered, i watch some fucking magic show, snake show, fake tits, very fugly balloon shooting and glass bottle opening. it was luckily i didnt have nightmare after that. if not i would have cried.


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