Birthday 2008

I had the most fantastic birthday this year. okay, i think every year i had fantastic, amazing and happy birthday. it’s my day and i shall make it special.

had 2 official celebration which was on 14th June with my friends and 15th June with my family and relatives. ate 3 cakes for my birthday this year. receive many wishes and calls and sms. almost felt as if i’ve party for a whole week just for my birthday.

14th June,Β  LookOutPoint, Gasoline cafe.

I was suppose to be the one who organize the mini party but due to reasons that i had some issues going on with my family. i totally forgotten about it. friends kept asking me for the party status, and i was a bitch during then. i’m sorry to those that i ignore. in the end, my friends were kind enough to help me to organize it. thanks alot *big great hug*

Wanna know something great about it? in order to celebrate that i’m officially in my twenties, i wore skirt and high heels which i curse hell with high heels. my leg hurt so badly, i think i was whining whole night about how my leg hurts and there is blister this and that. yah.. i was a bitch on that day.

i think the next time around.. if i were suppose to organize any gathering. i hope it could be at a place must more quiet atmosphere and everything sitting around a round table. because as usual.. we were separated into two groups. because it was a rectangle table. and you can’t expect girls to shout at each other. in order for them to hear what is one trying to speak. we couldn’t because we are that feminine. okay, maybe just them. me and sook keng sure can’t. hahaha. must drag u in kacang!! because i know ur same level as me when it comes to being ladylike.

i had a wonderful that day expect for the service of Gasoline cafe at lookoutpoint there. Service totally 15% only. i waited for one and a half hour my drink also didn’t arrive. i was so fucking pissed of that the moment my drink is served i told them to take away. I DONT WANT!!! fuck u!!! ()*@&#!&$*&_!@&($)*#%)!@&*$!(@$*@)($Β  they somemore dare to show me that very pissed off look. fuck u lah.Β  i’m the customer, and customer are always RIGHT no matter what. i requested for my drink 912487102318 times. and when i’m about to leave only the serve me. you think i still want anot.

when i was being very bitchy, suddenly birthday song was aired. i was that dumb to still search around who’s birthday it was. yes, i am that stupid sometimes. then when i notice a person holding a birthday cake walking towards my direction. it only hit me that it was suppose to be my birthday cake. because i celebrated in advance, so i didnt really expect to have a birthday cake.

i love my friends to death. i could write a whole new journal just about them!

we left rather early because a few of my friends are having exam on the coming week. touched my heart that they could spare a few hours just for me.

15th June

this want was more of the family celebration. had a great time on this day. πŸ˜€

a whole new bonding between families which i heart. but some of my relative thought it was 21st birthday which is not, but i receive too expensive gift on this day itself.

right now i felt guilty if i was suppose to organise my real 21st birthday. bah, see what happen next year.

the cake Kit Mun bought for me. love this babe to death also. last minute ask her to come. because due to reason my relative kept asking where is my friends? but my friends couldn’t come due to the fact it was father’s day. Kit Mun called me, then i told her what happen, she was so sweet that she brought along herself, her friends and her siblings to make my family think that i did brough friend along. how not to love this kind of friend. and i felt guilty for forgetting to called her on her birthday will compensate soon.

the amount of suprise, gifts and wishes was enough to let me feel that i was wanted and loved.

even friends i just knew not long treated me to eat at a japanese restaurant. yup, it’s you kate, and it’s you too Joann. thanks alot πŸ™‚ didn’t expect anything from my collegemate. seriously

the amount of gifts i received.

loved everything that they gave me. my friends bought cosmetics for me which i’m still learning how to use it. everything i received was totally beauty.

thanks alot to my parent for organizing the whole party and preparing all those food πŸ˜‰ i am really thankful. i will be a better daughter for scoring well in exam and stay at home more. Mummy bought for me a new pair of shoes, bag and a new wallet. at first she told me she buy for me shoes and bag only, but when i open the gift i saw a wallet. you could imagine how happy i was. i wanted to buy myself a purse for a very long time, but just didn’t saw the one i love. mummy bought me a white wallet, and sad to’s already slight dirty ade.. because i am a dumb dumb when it comes to using white stuff.

the present that i love most.

Hand-made card from secondary friend and also a CD that contains alot of memories. the memories in the CD was between me and my best female friend, ZhaoYung.

at first i thought it might be a list of songs, then when i was driving back home, i notice my player can’t play the CD. so when i go back home and play the contents of the CD. i was touched. i nearly shed tears because i know her as being a girl that always can’t remember memories. but all those first time memories that she remembers between me and her was really memorable. like our first time clubbing, first time countdown, first time xmas countdown with her college friends, first time going for a holiday at Pulau Pangkor with her.Β  I could write tonnes of journal just about her. she’s like my soulmate, i could finish her words, she could finish mine. she did a video about me and her with photos attached, captions and using Vitamin C- Graduation song. i wanted to upload it.but don’t know why couldnt.

i never expect her to do. the other day when i ask her how long she did that.. she told me one week. with her being busy with her exam and assg. and did this to me.. still very ‘kam dong’ with it.

Thus, the end of my whole 20years old birthday. and a brand new year awaits me.


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