Stupid Management

Disclaimer : Below are all based on my own thoughts and mind. fuck off if it had offeneded you. i’m fucking pissed off right now


it’s getting sad everyday reading the newspaper.

Our government seems to have narrow down the wrong point. They’re simply accusing on of our democracy guy using the same method they use on the 1990’s. FUCK OFF!!

who the shit asshole bitch bastard would fall into this all over again.

i’ve always heard many version of story tale about Datuk Anwar’s case, some say all along he’s being a scapegoat, sacrificing for his family or actually he did do it.

have you ever wonder, why were there so many forwarded emails regarding how bad malaysia is, how worst is our prime minister, and what a shit is a deputy prime minister?? somehow i think our ex-pm sent it out? make sense right???? which fucking bastard would dare to sent those kind of emails out, that had a full content of disloyal to the country. and could probably get themselve fuck up and kick out of the country.or jailed.

Rumours are saying there will be rally in KL soon. Parent had forbidden me to step into the city for this whole week.

Stupid stupid stupid issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a peace city where i could just leave my car unlock, walk around in the middle of the night and also sit at some random place without being afraid of robbery, rape and murder.

can someone give me this kind of city?


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