Chatting is Pleasure

2 hours non-stop chatting. Guess this is what happen when you put four best female friends a.ka. bitches together in a chatroom.  We talk about outing, cookies, bitches, sluts, bondori, shopping, levi’s, long lost friend, skype, facebook, boys, cruise and many more.

The topic could always change from one to another, or even swiftly drag from one to another.

sometimes it’s hard to gather all four together and leisurely still got time to chat about random stuff. either one is busy doing assignment, went out, eating or even playing game. the later would be me thou or even Puffin.

In the end, we’re contemplating whether could we got for the shopping spree, and bondori and also sleepover all at the same day itself.

Haha.. we’re that greedy.

Bondori as always been in my list of things-to-do before i die. sometimes if i got time, i tend to write out a full list of things-to-do-before-i-die list. damn i sure had alot

This year bondori will still be partly the same

Date : 12th July 2008

Venue : Stadium Matshushita, Shah Alam

I just remember this two information, wanna know more just go google, or check out forum. they always had the most updated info.


i still got so many journal that yet to be posted, my birthday, hadyai, random thoughts, happening, issue about me-self, event and even untold secret.

Guess all could only be done after my mid-term exam and all those assignments.

May i be bless to finish everything in time.

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