Being Nice Is A Sin?

Lavender of the day: I’m going to KL Urban-scape tomorrow. I am very happy about it. Time to start shopping for vintage things.

I’m starting to felt lazy to blog about my feelings, happenings and almost everything that has me in the picture.

it’s getting  weird when you have your parents, schoolmate, college-mate, friends, best friends and even random people that you might know reading your blog.

they’ll read my journal, then ask me what’s wrong, why i did that, why am i being bad to myself, why am i not telling them anything when i felt bad.

but sometimes certain question weren’t meant to be answered to them.

I’m use to be a girl who like to bitch alot. almost about every random stuff i could think of. I could just sit in front of my monitor and stare it for hours just to write some random journal. I don’t have to hide my feelings and just splurge everything out. couldn’t even be bothered about the consequences.

Now it’s all the other where around, i’m scared to blog about sentences and word that might hurt people around me. I’m starting to care about other people more do i care about myself.

😦 Zhaoyung used to say ppl will take advantage of my this attitude, My mother also mention this, even my brother also said that, even thou he’s those kind of brother’s that wouldn’t care a single shit about her sister.

it’s getting very depressing, treating someone better seems like a sin. and expressing about what you felt, suddenly become like a harm to the society.

Guess one day when i have enough of myself and others, i’ll start to bitch just like how i’ll do normally. And don’t always being manipulate by my own over-ly weird attitude.


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One Response to Being Nice Is A Sin?

  1. joanni says:

    Don’t care about what ppl say la. Its ur life, ur blog!! Rock on!! Whooo….!! Plus, there’s always a saying that the more u give, the more u receive. Ur the MOST helpful person i know, seriously, and its part of u, its great. Better than the scrooges in the world rite. =) Believe it!

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