Thrice Is So Much For Me

Just finish doing one of my assignment.

College life is starting to pile up its pressure already. The other day i tried to create my own guiness record for not slepeing for 48 hours. In the end i failed. I slept for 4 hours among those 2 days. First 2 hours was really too desperate need to have a sleep intake already. Second 2 hours was force by ZhaoYung and Veann to sleep. Slept at 4am then wake up at 6am. wtf. in the end i think i felt more tired.

I used to be a pig where i need to have my daily dosage of 8 hours of sleeping time, if not i might fall sick on the 3rd day from the lack of sleep. Now i’m feeling so freaking awake. Today and tomorrow will be my second attempt to try to create my record again, which i do know that i will still fail. Today’s class shall be spending trying to get my eyes open and not fall asleep.


Just came back from clubbing at some random club a few hours ago. I met him πŸ˜€

I’ve got this guy that i kind of have good feeling for the past one year. Haven’t met him in six months. He’s a freaking busy guy always pack with not so healthy happening. Somehow i always tend to bump into him at random club. RMB.Β 

I think i had the happiest smile on my face. I kept on smiling to Zhaoyung. You know?! the way of smiles that show you saw your very cute guy.

Btw, i also just knew that i am actually quite a traditional thinking girl. like damn wtf.

I think i saw him first, but i didn’t dare to go up and say hi. I was afraid that he might had forgotten me or maybe my name. So, i was like beside there keep spying on him like a hungry vulture. wtf..bad comparison.

When he came up to me to say hi first, i was enlighten πŸ˜€ he do remember me!!!


it just felt like fate?

i’m being a little bit too mushy already. lol

Guess i was just thinking, if it wasn’t for today’s time, today’s location and today’s place seated, i wouldn’t have really seen him out of such random places. He was just seated right beside my table. Wulalala~~

i can’t stop smiling and laughing to myself because of him.

& you know what? he came up and talk to me for thrice.

)($(&@!) yes, i calculated.

Come on, my temporary-dream guy, okay?


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One Response to Thrice Is So Much For Me

  1. zhentasy says:

    do u have the lucky guy picture ???????????????????????????i wonder how is OUr IVY dream’s guy look like…XD

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