**** U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna faint already 😦

someone please shoot me, or whack me to keep me awake and stop reading random blogs, and watching random video on youtube. and STOP FACEBOOKING!!!!!!!

argh… facebook is addictive. why on earth would i wanna open an accoutn there… why oh lord.. WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &#)(&@*(#^)%&!@#&^%)@*#()^!%)A!(@

i’ve got 5 articles need to be emailed out today before 12am.

i’ve got 7 assignments to do. i’ve got a presentation that needs to prepared.

I’ve a fucking practical exam next Tuesday. And exams are coming on week 6 and week 8.




and i haven’t even done it yet.

I’ve only done 1 article so far. i so wanna whack myself.

my stupid computer decided to die on me on this crucial time. where i need to rush all kind of retarded fucking things-to-do.

and now i’m procastination typing this journal.. i’m so going to failed my everything


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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