Short Hair is Extreme

Lavender of the Day : Just finish watching a movie on Hallmark channel. A real-story touching movie between mother and daughter. ‘Augusta, Gone’. you should really give it a try. 🙂

Somehow today i did something very adventurous again.

I when to the salon for a totally-makeover haircut. Right now i don’t know whether should i love my hair, or hate my hair. this is depressing. i’m having a love-hate relationship with my hair.

The pro is that, all my previous dye-faded-hair has all been cut off. Oh..the glory. Actually, the main reason i went for the haircut was also to get rid of all those freaking ugly faded-colour-dye. Don’t really like it already. my heartaches each time i look at my hair previously, but right now i could just look at the mirror continuously praising my healthy hair. I’m not going to dye my hair anymore. I swear at the bottom of my foot. Thou, I’m thinking of doing a ice rebonding. *three big sweat*

The only reason why i don’t like my hairstyle right now is.. My head felt like it was 1 inch thicker than previously already.  i’m like a human version of alien. omfgwtfbbqdoremiabcd. I’m really annoyed because of it. My hair origin is curly and thick. That’s why each time i couldn’t go for a super extreme type of hairstyle, because somehow i know i’ll cry like shit if i do some stupid decision.


i must be blinded by my stupid-dye-hair that i requested the hairstylist to cut off, everything that is not black.  thus it’s freaking short right now. i couldn’t even tie a ponytail properly. Somemore i felt as if i’m a China woman right now.

*pats self* self console; nevermind, hair will grow long in another 3 fucking months.



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