I’m Just a Mortal, I have Feelings Too

still remember the post i’ve written the other day

I’m still sentiment distraught because of it.

It all happen on a very normal day, just like all the typical daybreak and nightfall.

I had a 3rd degree separation friend who just pass away last Thursday. It happen so catapult that I don’t even have anytime for my emotion to be shown.

He’s a friend of Jeffrey’s. Someone that i’ve seen, spoken and smile together before. It just felt like on that Thursday was when the deiform decided to shorten his life span.

When Jeffrey told me that the lad was begging to be alive, my heart ache. I could just feel how much he wanted to live, to have all those fun, to get a girlfriend, to be graduated and many more things to achieve. I think the most important things-to-do-list-before-i-die was to wish that he could stay by his parent forever and ever, he was the only child in his family tree. I could have imagine how painful was it for his mother and father to lost the only baby of theirs. It was nobody’s fault to blame? or was there? the accident took his life, but was it what god wanted, or was it just plain human error.

The imaginary image of the boy begging for life still appears in my mind these few days. Why does it had to be so cruel πŸ˜₯

i think even Jeffrey is having a hard time, he use to sleepover at the boy’s house. I don’t like when someone around me leave so sudden. If it was sickness, at least i’m prepared for it. Accident it just too thunder lighting. No last word to be mention, no wills, NOTHING.

I’m still feeling very cheerless, blue, gloomy and downhearted.


I’m so joyless right now, i just couldn’t get my sensitive feeling back to one.

The whole pre-bday party also, i didn’t have the mood to organize it.

It should be on the 2nd week on June, yet now..i’ve done NOTHING.

Give me one or two days friends, i need to heal.

You might think i’m being too emotional over a 3rd degree separation friend, but somehow theoretically I know this person.Β  I just can’t act mind my own business, i would just feel inhuman and barbaric.


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