My Parent Makes Me Worried


i was nearly worried sick!!!!

all bravo goes to my parent.

Earlier this morning when they go out for work, they left their housekey hanging at the lock there. I only manage to notice it when Jeffrey told me about it.

Then i started calling them from 12pm till 3pm to no vail. I called Jeffrey to ask him how, thus he advice me to drive to my parent’s working place to check whether did they work today.

i was just so afraid that something bad might happen *touch wood* Of course lah. If you notice your parent’s housekey left hanging at the padlock. Their handphone both call till nobody answer and goes to voicemail, somemore in a continuous 3 hours didn’t call back. All these could just lead to me thinking all those freaking nonsense things that could happen. Our country’ safey somemore ain’t that good, how could i not be worried.

Luckily when i was about to reach Father’s working place, Mother called. 😦 you could feel how emotional i was. Tears running around my eyes awaits to be left out, voice choking back, so that my parent don’t know i’m about to cry. Thou that, my heart calm down the moment i saw the word ‘mom’ calling at my handphone screen. Thank God, all those nonsense i think of, was as a matter of fact just plain nonsense!!

And for you to know, my N73 also decided to fail on me last minute, with those freaking calling goes to ‘No Network Coverage’ wtf is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imma throw my N73 away, and get a better network coverage already. If i could afford.

i always dislike the feeling when your trying to reach to your close ones, but you just couldn’t seems to get them. Those moment of waiting, looking and wondering really makes me another step closer into getting heart attack.

This similiar situation happen once before, when Mummy’s place UK was strike with earthquake once. I tried to wait them to online at MSN, sms them and also call them. Msn didn’t work out, because i just don’t seems to see them online. I sms them, they also didn’t reply me. I was very worried and frustrated for those couple of days. In the end, when i called them, luckily they answer.

So now i hope both my parents just kept acknowledge that i’m worried about you guys too!!! don’t lah..always make me feel so worried 😦


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