Me Want See White Lion


  • Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at’s Lookin’ Good section?

Wendy Lee

  • Name the bloggers at the Guy and Parent blogs.

The Guy : Andrew William

Parent : Sharmila Rajah

  • At which section do you find stories on women’s fashion and beauty?

Style Sheet

Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because…

dreamz is all about excitement and it’s also always a wonder to see white lion, which i believe not many would had seen. Not forgotten, life always needs that magical sparks of seeing something unique.

About Dreamz

In a display of passion-fueled magic, two great illusionists will compete for the love of one princess. The story begins when the princess awakens in a realm ruled by the power of fantasy. When the contest for her affection intensifies so does the battle to control the illusion world. It is the romance of a lifetime in a vivid parallel world.

Featuring for the first time in Southeast Asia is a magnificent beast…the elusive white lion. Once thought to be a myth, the white lion first existed as whispered rumours in the wilderness of South Africa before finally being discovered in 1975. This highly elusive animal performs alongside the white tiger – possibly the most prized animal in modern times for its beautiful coat and stunning ice-blue eyes.

Witness a union of feral beauty and dazzling magic in Dreamz.

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