Sonic Gear Evo 7

Just got back home, Father & mother not working tomorrow, thus we as in Father, Mother and Yours Truly went out for food seeking. Purposely went to Tmn Bukit Maluri for the very famous dai bao. It’s so big that i nearly felt like puking halfway. It’s also quite a bargain lah, it’s like Rm6 for one. It’s so big that 3 person nearly couldn’t finish it, but because our family very kiasu and kiamsiap on food, so must finish it no matter how also.


I’m taking some diet nutrition again, Mother bought it. First day trial : Results? I went to the toilet twice today and going for it again the third time soon. Final visible result? will most likely be shown in 1 month time, guarantee 5 – 15kg. If not, money back guarantee.


Might be heading down to singapore next weekend, to go and get my stuffs from Mummy that she ask one of her friend, Melvin to bring it back. Can’t wait to get the pinkish bag that mummy mention.


Currently very frustrated with my previous working, just couldn’t cut all the strings attached.


I’m slightly happy right now because father bought a brand new SPEAKER for us. So right now, i could boom songs like nobody’s business, watch tvb drama and love porn movie. Btw, father also bought a new DVD-RW. I can sleep happy right now. Now songs that will be played in my car, all will be my favourite songs. First Love, White Love, With Him, The Loneliness wait for me yah…all my favourite songs.


I’ve met new friends at college that is the same group as me. I felt grateful for it, at least i’m not alone. Even though i could watch movie alone, eat alone, shopping alone but i just couldn’t endure college life alone. I don’t wanna be an alien with no friends. 😦


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