I Wanna Feel Belong

i felt very lost right now.

College had started, the ball starts to run already.

Yet, i don’t know why i’m just feeling so lost, so helpless.

I met new friends, but it just doesn’t feel right.

there is just this feeling of scared, butterflies at my stomach.

Everyday taking my sleep, just felt so hard, somehow it felt the moment i open my eyes.

It’s a brand new day of college, I’m away from studies for 2 years. So it’s a little bit tough for me. I just don’t feel belong.

N i overspent for my Hadyai trip. And I hate that!


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2 Responses to I Wanna Feel Belong

  1. float says:

    well u feel lost?? hmm when i was having my first few days of college i also feel like that but then is like i feel better as time passby…and i get to knew a bunch of funny friends and some of them even will go to the perjuangan with u during the exam and help u pass the exam and get great marks…so don’t worry my dear…u will soon get use to it…just let go urself and u’ll see the big big world out there…

  2. Provence says:

    somehow I really hope i could get used to it, guess me and my college friends still haven’t CLICK yet.

    Am just trying to wait for the moment to happen πŸ™‚

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