They Cried Because Of It

10th May 2008

the day both my Mummy and Daddy cried.

Never knew i could make them cried and shed their tears.  Nope, i didn’t do any sin as in doing drugs, smoking nor getting a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I made my mum and dad cried on the same day both at the between the span of an hour. Dad called up at7.50pm, and mum at 8.05pm.

Yup, i’m the Oscar actress that I made them cried because of my ‘acting. wtf

Actually all i did was sent them a car for both of them each. Dad’s one was for his March birthday, envelopes with a lovely card and attached with a few photos. While Mummy’s one was a Mother’s day Card also envelopes with a few photos.

I guess the main reason a woman shed her tears and a man shed his blood tears too was because of the photos that meant a thousand words to them. I sent dad a photo 3 photos of Baby Samuel and a precious photo taken on Bro Geo’s birthday at some hotel at USJ, back then during while the three of us was still in the primary school. While mum I sent her also three photos of Baby Samuel and a photo taken of the three of us which is Bro Geo, Theprovence, Jeffrey and Mummy when the three of us children weren’t even reaching 10 years old yet. So you could just felt how precious it was for Mum, when she had taught that the photos were already in the recycle bin. Yup, the photos when my mum were wrinkle free. Total Beauty! now also lah.

Guess the memories hidden in the photo meant a thousand words and had million history in it. It meant alot to Mum and Dad, as it is to me!

🙂 also a good way to motivate them.

Those photos and card was what that make them happy, yet it was because of it also that made them missed us so much that they cried.

Time passes fast! they’ll be back soon. I’m still waiting for mum and dad to be back for the Bangkok backpacking. Can’t wait!

Theprovence Love Them To Bits.


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