Orientation Day at TarC Main Campus

20th June, the day i had confirm that i’ll be starting my college life later than most of my friends.

Even though, i’m the tortoise, at least i make it start crawling.

Orientation day is really tad boring for my liking. Nothing much to be bawl about. drive to college reach at 10.30am sharp, as usual Malaysia timing, even the Mass Call didn’t start on time. malaysia malaysia~

Met one or two friends, guess i’m too shy to introduce myself that my name is ‘Lavender’ wtf.

But somehow i like the Head Division of School of Science & Humanities, he has a good sense of humour that cater to me so that i don’t felt asleep halfway through the orientation day.

The last part was boring and tiring and sweating. WTF we were taken for a trip around campus, but due to the reason that i did it earlier with Eve. I was a little bit annoyed about it. So, the ever-rule breaker-me decided to skip that section at 2.30pm, when the whole mass call should end at 3pm.

Btw, the WORST part is tomorrow there is another section!!! how could they do this to me, i thought the freshmen information handbook only mention on 20th May, it didn’t mention the other day. somemore it’s a whole week kind of thing. I’m leaving for Thailand on Friday, 23th. I had to skip the workshop even though they MC mention it’s compulsory to attend. fuck that! if it had mention in the freshmen book earlier, i wouldn’t had gone for Thai. it’s too late, i’ve paid my trip fee, doesn’t make sense for me to cancel it and doesn’t obtain a refund. chicken that!

I could only attend for 2 days session, then i’m off shopping at Hatyai, and watch Tiger Show. wtf. i’m so perverted.


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