It’s Raining Out There… Achoo!

Lavender of the Day : i've met new friends today during my 2nd orientation day. It's getting better :D

7th May 2008

had a very interesting day! as in sitting my ass in the car for a consecutive four hours. I hitch today. Finally, i’m so hippie now. wtf. Bleh..bluff you only

Ah.. basically NOPE, i didn’t hitch (even thou i really wanted too) all i did was just tag along with Jennifer because she works at Ipoh and normally during weekend she will come back to KL. So i just tag along and follow her back to her work place at Ipoh. *patself*

i had fun with her staying at ipoh. Last time did the most awesome outing, when to find her on Friday night then follow her back to Kl on Saturday afternoon. What to do?! i was craving for Ipoh Koay Teow Chicken. I assume i will have many northern Malaysia destination to be coming. Jennifer stays at Ipoh, Grandpa stayas at Parit Buntar, Aunt B stays at Kulim which is 30mins ride to Penang, and not forgotten Kringiz stays at Pearl Oriental. I’m blessed with wonderful trips and with F.O.C. place to stay.

Btw, I had fun travelling with Jennifer. It’s always lots of yummy food to be consume when it’s with her, and not to mention many interesting conversation to be talk about too. She’s at the working society already, i got pretty good educated with business by her somtimes.

PS: won’t it be better if i had laptop! at least i could type away at my word format. Later then, just copy paste. By then there’s no need for me to scribble.

Now i shall go back to listen to my Apod and die of boredom only to be revive after one and a half hour later. R.I.S.

Position: currently in the bus leaving from Ipoh towards Kulim.

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