Happy Mother’s Day, I <3 You

It’s Mother’s Day today, have you wish you pretty mom, or bought anything to show a token of appreciation that she and ur dad had brought you to the earth.

i did mine in advance, because as most of you will know i’m away holidaying my ass off! I sent a mother’s day card attached with photos for Mommy and I bought a cool sunglasses for Ma.

I hope both of them like what i bought for them. It was really a very last minute timing when i got all those.




‘’ MOM ’’

I got the world most wonderful Mommy one could wish for.

My mommy was the one i’ll ask for advice if i were to buy something to wear, she’s like a top fashion designer and critic to me. Every suggestion she gives me will make me awesome. Okay, don’t dream of those 80’s clothes with shoulder sponge those. Nope, i don’t wear those.

My mommy is also like my best nutritionist. I remember there was once i’m on a extremely strict diet. My mom help me out, in the end i really did grew thin but didnt last for long because i’m an eater. wtf

Btw, i could also talk almost about everything with my mommy. No matter it is about entertainment news, gossips, food and even bras and panty. Sometimes my mum is even more update than me. She knows all those hippiest song that i didn’t even know about. Even though she still adore her oldies, she still updates herself with those latest genres which i really love about. I could always talk to her about songs and news.

My mommy is also very hippie dippie. I remember once i told her that i wanted to try out backpacking. The nearest route is by sitting KL bus to Hatyai then from Hatyai sit bus till Bangkok. I thought my mum will say i’m insane, but neither did she say anything. All in a sudden she just said she’s interested as well, and we shall form a mother daughter trip where we could bond together. How not to love her?!

My mommy is also places where i could update with all the current issue with my relative and family. She’s just like a local CNN to me. Even though, right now mommy is overseas and i’m the one that update her frequently. Don’t worry mommy, once your back i’ll pass back the position to you. muackz!

Sometimes there are people around me who will say that they are envy of me, because i’ve got such a great mum like you! which i’m really proud of too. Even though you know everything about teens my age would know, and could bond real well with me, you always kept the limit correct so you wouldn’t go over the line and make me feel suffocated.

I can talk about boys, relationship, friends and sometimes even sex. there is nothing as in restricted. thou sometimes there are still certain issue that just find it very hard to share with her. she wont force me to talk it out 🙂

The list could really go on and on about how great my mom is..but i shall leave it for next year’s mother’s day. *smoochie*

Lastly, Mommy I love you!


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