College Life Should Be Interesting

basically i’ll be most likely always be out of town for this whole month!


totally enjoying my over relaxing holiday that were suppose to happen ages ago.

I’m trying to get adapt back to those schooling life.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

i’d always look forward to all those outing that were suppose to happen but never did.

i think i will have a very interesting 2 years college life~



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2 Responses to College Life Should Be Interesting

  1. float says:

    hmm…yeap is damn nice…especially when u know a lot of friends and have ur own gang…by that time u will feel much more nice haha…and when u go for trips with them u will feel more meaningful haha..try to do so …hmm so set ur self free and go for it πŸ™‚

  2. Provence says:

    i hope i’ll look forward for it. somehow i’m quite skeptical right now.
    i’m afraid i’ll get left out

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