Best BFF’s Big Day

It’s your Big Day today.

my bad for couldn’t celebrate it with you again this year.

but i know you’ve got the biggest heart of all, i shall be forgiven right?

don’t go ‘hmph’ when i meet up with you again after my holiday.

The Historical Moment

i knew ZhaoYung during my studying time when i was at Convent Jalan Peel. My first year there we weren’t really that close, all i know is she’s yet another Chinese in the minority population in that school.

We grew closer when i’m in the same class as her. sitting almost next to each other. wtf

what to do, we couldn’t sit at the same row next to each other because of all those fucking harmony issue.

All pair had to be partner with either chinese/malay, indian/chinese, or india/malay. which is nonsense!

In a way, we kind of started to grew very close. going to the same tuition, going back home at the same public bus, and had endless things to talk about no matter friends, guys, relationship and gossiping.

I was kind of having my 97’s crisis during my form 4 year. I had issue with my family, with my relationship and with my higher secondary education as well.

Yet you were always there for me. Calling me every fortnight during those crisis, being my pillar to lean on when i felt i couldn’t handle it anymore, and also a shoulder to cry on.

I was really touched by what you did because during that time i’m still very new with all the KL things. I don’t have a friend to be my listener and for me to call to whine about. And miraculously you were one of them, and also the one that i cherish most.

that’s why i love you most lah..

hahahaha..i’m getting all too mushy. later people think i’m lesbian and ZhaoYung is my lesbian in crime.




2nd human being that finally hit the twenties. :p


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