The 11th Hour

I got 2 free ticket passes for the movie or more like a film documentary, The 11th Hour. It was a free movie ticket from YTL Community, catch the movie at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center or more known as KLPac, date was on 4th May, which is yesterday.

Since i’ve got an extra ticket don’t really want to waste it. So i ask Beannie along. Boy, the girl nearly fall asleep through the movie, and me too, literally.

TheProvence’s Review

It’s a very scary movie, as in the way it gives us a thought of how would our baby earth be like if we don’t do anything right now. Yet it still brings out the message really clear. Which is STOP THE F**KING ECONOMICAL THAT COULD PRODUCE A FEW MORE INCREASE IN THE DEGREE TEMPERATURE!!!!

But somehow i couldn’t really get myself felt connected to the movie. Don’t know was it because the whole documentary felt as if it was more like a message to the American, as in the American Government. Bush Bush, Do u get it?

If you like to watch documentary about earth this one seems not bad.

But not really a 2nd go for me, if i had another chance.

I’m trying to search for the documentary that the other day, I saw on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I’m still trying to figure out, what is the name of the documentary that Oprah recommended.

Someone please let me know, if you do know

I’ll really love you if you do.


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