It’s Only RM35, REMEMBER!

Perodua Kancil’s petrol consumption for full tank is only RM35.00, thirty five ringgit, tiga puluh lima ringgit, 三十五块。

So remember this very very clever, theprovence.

don’t go and be such a dumbass, go for a RM40.00 full tank. wtf

You got it right. basically i overfill my petrol tank today, as in an hour ago.

how could i do such stupid stuff?

luckily it was during midnight when it wasn’t that crowded with people. imagine how embarrass i will be. might as well turn to an ostrich.

i think i wasted 500ml of my petrol there and then. nearly wanted to take a towel and soak up those petrol then try to squeeze the petrol into a water bottle.

wtf, 500ml is not little you know. it’s almost RM0.90. what a wastage.

then the counter pay me back, RM1.20

i was so damn panic when it happen. all sorts of misfortune was mushrooming out. as in what happen if it got on fire, what happen if it explode. Yup, i’m so freaking panic.

Luckily there’s these really nice Indian Samaritan help me out. Thanks!

this is my second encounter of embarrassment at a gas station. why am i like that one.


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