Please Don’t Hike The Rice Price

每次都想呼唤你的名字 告诉你心中的话

面对面看着你的眼睛 不再追寻你的背影

I like this song alot. I think it was because the lyric just meant so much to me. No matter it was towards who or whom, it just felt so close to my heart. all those unspoken words that i wish to let all my loved ones to know but never dare to burst it out.

Lately i’ve been getting very emotional.

It’s no matter in what sort of situation as long that i felt the situation is very unfortunate and unfair for each of them, it just makes me felt why is the god so unfair to each and everyone. Why couldn’t it just be balance where there is no rich nor poor. everyone is equal. There’s nothing as Bill Gate the Top Forbes List, and there’s nothing has The Top Most Expensive Mansion. Everything will just be at the price no matter what situation it was at.

Can’t we make poverty history, just by making every little thing maintain at what is it. Don’t take advantage of certain situation and hike prices like crazy baboon. Yah, i’m pointing this directly to the bastard who hikes price for rice.

Come on lah. Have a heart of kindness towards those third world people. They don’t deserved being increase the burden of financial. Rice is like the most important nutrient for all Asean.

Western people could rely on flour, pasta and potatoes but 80% of the Asean all had their daily must had meal to be included rice.

Why want to make till every continent around the globe having riots and rally because of it.

Dear United Nation Food,

Please try to maintain the food price and find some other solutions.

We don’t want another silent tsunami, or World War II

With Much Love,



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