Freeze for the Awareness

& freeze because i love earth, a globe that has a mixture colours of blue and green and some white too 🙂

In the end, most of my friends, or you could say all of my friends also didn’t went. Guess it’s too far for them. I went with my cousin, Eve.

it was just totally splendid!

Didn’t regret a single bit that i went. at least, the 3 hours waiting for the sake of the 4 minutes was just worth every hour, every minutes and every seconds of it.

The Freeze Earth World day, as i’ve inform was held a Sunway Pyramid.

At first, i even thought that i’ve mistaken the venue, because i hardly seen any green colour clothing humanoid. it’s okay for me if i’m mistaken but i drag Eve along, so i thought it doesn’t make sense for me to get it all wrong when i’m the one who ask her out.

Luckily has the time grows closer to the time of event, i start to speculate some greeny~

Around 7.45pm, the green flyer had started to be pass around. we were told to gathered around the Osim area at the New Wing, if i’m not mistaken.

Everyone was shouting for the 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. FREEZE!

Some of the people that went for the awareness, really did an extra mile for it. Some brough recycle paper with words written on it. Some brought grape. Some brought gogle*if i’m not mistaken* paper fan, sunglasses, guitar, and etc. you name it for the awareness and impact, you’ll most probably get it. When it’s almost done, the numbering starts to be shouted again. 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 UNFREEZE. Followed by a loud applause, and shouting and whoo-ing altogether. THE END. wtf

Super duper nice event, that i don’t really regret going. Even though my brother seems skeptical about it.

all photo that are blur are taken from my shaky hands. wtf. why i always take the most uglam shaky photos and blur photos one.

Btw, my parents went too. I mention to them about the event. They decided to go and observe and not participate. haha, but i find it sweet too. Where got parent so free one, daughter go do something adult will say nonsense. Yet my parent say it’s interesting want to go take a peek at it.

A little bit of comment regarding the end.

Cons :

  • a little bit too much of publicity
  • doesn’t really felt much of the Freeze, supposingly it should be that everyone freeze at what they’re doing on the spot, and not really think too much of how to pose it thou.

Pros :

  • it really felt that the awareness was created. at least,  i had off all my household electrical when i went out. and i carpool too. wtf
  • everyones effort for it was felt. that just bring a smile to my face.

I receive a msg, that was mention May there might be another event. It wouldn’t be Freeze or Free Hug, will be something different.

I was thinking will it be like New York’s Silence, or something like Virginia Tech’s Line Down.

Something worth thinking about.

But for what sort of awareness, can’t really think of it.

Political Fair? wtf


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