Orange Cupcake = Yummy

I fell down and hurt my knee today. Don’t know why all in a sudden i’m so careless? i think i hadn’t fall down for the past 1 year because i remember so. Falling down is quite an embarrassment especially when your at public places. You’ll just felt like an ostrich all in a sudden, finding for the best hole to hide. Lucky me, i fell down at my office, was doing the yeah style somemore. I had internal bleed right now, i can’t stretch my leg. How sad is that?!


i bit my lips today, how awfully stupid of me? i had ulcer in my mouth all in a sudden. hot weather made it. i had sore throat the other day, blames to the spicy food that i consume. i’m starting to lose my voice, everything blames back to me. wtf. i shall go mute.


i’m going for gym tomorrow, another trainer session with Joe, a final one too. last week, he recommended some Gold Trainer Package, attractive for the results. but cost a bomb to my wallet just for the 60 session with the Trainer. Guess i’ll use my way to gain what i want back. thankyouverymuch. i miss out a whole weekday’s gym just because i’m starting to get lazy. i must get back the motivation to keep it as everyday, don’t really wanna throw my money into the salty seawater.

i’m going to the Freeze World Earth Day with my cousin, Eve. after that, most probably shall adjourn for the Yuen Steamboat as dinner. kind of looking forward for it. as it’s some sort of event that i’m interested in. as a part of the human staying on earth.
i’m hating all those fling that i’m having recently. might be ending it or might be trying to keep up if i’m still interested.
show you a photo of my favourite cupcake colour from D’lish


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