Celebrating Sook Yee’s 20th Bday. Countdown

Just got back home a few hours ago, when out to celebrate SookYee’s Birthday. even though, earlier i’ve celebrate her in-advance 20th birthday with a bunch of friends. I thought it’ll be more decent to have a proper nine-course meal with her, having a cup of wine over the dinner of steak and coleslaw. the later are all my hallucination. i just had a western supper with her


i plan to get her a mini-birthday cake, but due to work that i couldn’t had time to go and get it. then i did a special one. will show ya later.

i was late for 30 minutes, yeah, the punctual me, what to do?!

tadah~~ the ice-cream-birthday-cake-with apple-&-lychee-&-candle

πŸ™‚ was just thinking to spend her birthday with her, poor birthday girl had to work till 10pm on her birthday itself. so i think it would be pleasant that i could spend her last year in the ‘1’ decade, and starting soon the adulthood.Β  i think she’s touched, and shed some tears. hahaha… rubbish me.

we had a very nice talk, it almost felt like as if it was a pillow talk. we’re sitting at this very nice swing. i shall say this western restaurant design was not bad, but they really had to buck-up their food quality. totally out of the western way. it’s some western shop at Cheras,Β  you know..the whole stretch of western shop nearby the leisure mall roundabout there. :p

What really makes me happy was all those small talk that we had. those mesmerizing memories. every single minute of it was worth it.

i love you, babe πŸ˜€


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