Darling Sook Yee

Happy Birthday Darling Sook Yee

your older one year, wiser one year

you shared one of my darkest secret, yet you were very protective at the moment when you knew about it. that’s why i love you lah. how not to love you

Last year, i celebrated your birthday with you for a mere few hours. I still remember rushing to go get you a cake. a mini cake somemore. still remember the taste of it? 😉

you even tied me up like the negative version of einstein, mentally-retarded am i.

we were at the same class for almost three years, from the first day i started schooling at Convent Peel Road was the day i knew you. it sure is a long road behind. it’s almost 5 years knowing you already. your still as skinky as always. gimme pressure to diet only. i sponsor you some fats want or not? and your also famously know as the Ms-Longest-Period-Needed-In-The-Washroom, nobody can beat your record one.

even though we hardly contact each other, but somehow i knew that if i needed someone to talk to, i could always turn to you. your like my 24 hours 911 like that. bila call, bila also available.

i’m sorry that it’s always you who takes the first step to contact me first. my bad. guess i’m to tied up with my work that i started to drift away first. but don’t worry, when i’m back on track i’ll keep bogging you till you felt like you want to act like i don’t exist. which you better don’t do it.

wish you luck in your university issue, make sure get one near KL one you know.

Love you, honey


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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