Sook Yee & Anita’s combination Birthday Party





I was super duper overly late, was suppose to reach at 1pm but i reached at 3pm instead. Ah, the typical late-comer me. wtf

*self stick late-comer sticker on forehead*

I’m being angelic okay, that’s why i’m late. wtf, so don’t blame.

everyone around me mostly will call me as not punctual. i had a very bad timing. I always assume i’ll could spoof myself to the destination in a matter of seconds but i totally forgotten about the fact that everywhere around KL needs some distance, if it’s peak hour, i’ll be more punctual. Thus, i’m always late

Attendance :

  1. theprovence
  2. ZhaoYung
  3. LiMin
  4. SookYee – Bday Gurl
  5. Anita – Bday Gurl
  6. SookKeng
  7. MeiVien
  8. YuSing
  9. HuiYoong
  10. LayYen
  11. YenFong
  12. ChingYee
  13. SuSum

when i reach home and check my photo base, only did i knew i didn’t take the family photo today during the event. wtf?! why am i so forgetful 😦 it’s hard to ask all girls out of on the same day and how could i had forgotten about it. i’m very depressed now.

πŸ™‚ the best of it that i’ve got. those that aren’t in this photo should know what to do next time right? Be in the picture. must recorded every happening that happen mah. So we could reminisce in our later times.

And this is what happen when too many people tried to squeeze into the photo. muahahahhaha.. you should see the real ones. boy, was it a cute scene. i slipped at the first shot. they pushed me. i kept playing with my camera’s self-timer. Thus, most photo is made by it, that why it seems natural.

It was mere more like a gathering than a birthday party. I’ telling the truth, kay? Don’t know is it because too little people, or the atmosphere not that suitable. They got no microphone, no TV screen to sing songs. How can? how can a VIP room doesn’t have any of those mention. then it’s more like a cell. How can Leisure Mall’s Mongkok Cafe be like that. What is a VIP room without all this, really take the people as very-idiot-person is it? somemore i was planning to blast the music. damn, was i pissed. the volume of the music the loudest it could get is the sound of my hamster. wtf?! but nevermind, i forgiven them because their waitress was real nice, i shall say

Finally show u a picture of Nose, timbaland, vikki, human feet πŸ˜‰

this is what you get when you put 12 girls in a room, that had nothing much to do.


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