Happy 19th Birthday Anita

happy birthday, babe 😀

it’s your 19th birthday already. boy, are we adding up the sums on our age quickly. your the youngest among our clan because oh-so-obviously, you skipped your standard 4 during our standard 3 exam. i forgetten what we call that standard 3 exam already, was it SPN?

You’ve really change from a ugly duckling to a pretty swan. nope, i don’t mean during your secondary time you weren’t pretty but it’s just that in a form of a few years, i think so you were among one of those that had the most drastically changes on the outer body part. deep inside you, your still the same old Anita SPY that we recongise which is very GOOD. don’t change it you know

i like your latest hairstyle, cute

I still remember the day when i knew about your existence, you were wearing specs with the very 90’s hairstyle. i heard from ZhaoYung that she participate in giving you a face lift. joking.

Guess that’s what the older people always say what as 女大十八变- nv da shi ba bian.

Make sure we don’t lose contact, you know. if know i’ll cry till your house flood 😉

Love you, babe


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2 Responses to Happy 19th Birthday Anita

  1. Floating ice says:

    hey is PTS not SPN…lol….

    and why din cut me out??

    should just put anita photo ler..

  2. Provence says:

    okay, now i know what is the exam call PTS!!!!!

    aiyoh..that’s call candid shot
    u look nice in it 🙂

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