Cervical Walk ’08

In the end, i just went for the cervical walk myself.

one word to describe, FANTASTIC!

i don’t know if i were with my friends will the word be different.


at least, now i know how does it felt joining a walk.

did you know that it’s good that if a woman could go for a regular Pap Smears, and there’s also a immunization for the cancer-culprit already.

I know, because i learn about it today.

they had some regular exercise for warm up first, during the starting.

i was sweating like rain just during the warm up, wtf..why am i like that one?

Before that, let me tell u some very stupidity joke which is REAL

i went to taman tasik perdana first, which is like totally wtf. I mistaken taman tasik titiwangsa with the later. why am i like that one? i felt so freaking embarrass. in the end, after all the mistaken made, i finally reach the correct place at 8am. luckily i’m still early, because you know. Asian what. hardly even make anything on time. don’t know want to say good or bad.

i wake up this early for it. even before the sun is high high and above

i even saw hot ballon during my walk.  i was feeeling like wanna stop my walk first, go take a shot at the hot air ballon. wtf

and it even had a smile face on it giving me the signal of ‘Good Morning, and enjoy your walk’

haha.. i’m so mou-liu

and finally, i shall present you this picture

a very cute little girl holding a goodie bag, running towards his daddy. kawaiii


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