I’m Going To Conquer The World


I think everyone has their hopes and dreams.

Mine was either than a really Juicy Future, it was also my dream to travel the world.

Sometimes I just hope i could go to every alleys in the whole wide world before i turn 35 years old.

sometimes i’ll voice out to my friends to go travelling and stay at those backpack hostel, which i think was really cool and not to mention warmth.

each time i’ll just get decline from them, the feedback that i’ll get was either it’s not safe, dangerous and you-don’t-know-who-are-they, cheap prices doesn’t comes with safety.


i wish i could just go ALONE, but my parents will kill me for that.

But there wasn’t anyone out there that could just follow me to go on trip at a very modest and cheap expenses. I wouldn’t want to waste a few thousands just on hotel stay. I don’t really think it’s worth it, i’d rather use those money on going travelling more often.

Right now if i’m going to study, i’ll only be out of college with a Degree by the age of 25. I wouldn’t say it’s old, but i also wouldn’t say it young. It just felt like i’m in the middle of both the ages of young and old to be identified as mature.

Off and on, i’ll always search the www for info regarding backpacking and not travelling because as what i think backpacking and travelling is also two different type of route.

Travelling, you’ll be staying at some very luxurious 3 star or maybe 5 star hotels. You ate the hotel’s breakfast being prepared, you follow tours to go around visiting the famous renown destination, everywhere you go it will be with a very big group, you’ll be scam taken to expensive souvenir shops and maybe had a very sumptuous dinner.

While backpacking is totally another back of it, will be staying at hostel, or more likely like backpacker’s place, where everyone there has only one intention, to go around the world. Thus, you’ll be able to meet up with other people who’s been backpacking very often and hear their stories, experience, encounter and many more. The place you stay might not be very nice to see, but it was the feeling once ur in there that worth it. You might won’t had breakfast prepared for you, but you could grab some people staying there to go and get some ingredient and cook it at the hostel’s kitchen. your destination all will be told through the map and words of mouth. you might as well go to the famous destination also, but there will also be some other famous destination that you’ve got to from the local residents. and the souvenir? πŸ˜€ it’ll be in a form of loads of pictures taken, some very cheap yet not a rip off souvenir.

That’s what i love about backpacking.

Sometimes either than being to another country, we must also have to chance to experience the culture there, no doubt travelling you could. but it’s just not that close yet.


Most of the times, i get my info regarding those country that i intend to go through virtualtourist.com

Recently, i’ve just found out that airasia had this hostel staying call gohostel

where every hostel in there just cost less than RM100 (depends on where you go)

the moment i found out i was like jumping up and down. going.

wow, so cheap, wow so nice, wow so pretty, wow so beautiful. and wow-ing all the way through.

i’ve already aim for a few, mostly likely this year i’m trying to go Bangkok, Phuket, Langkawi, Bali, Tioman, Redang & Sipadan.

okay lah.. i know i’m greedy. I couldn’t even afford it yet. but i’ll try to accomplish one or two.

most likely budget will be RM1500 per trip to overseas ones. Langkawi one comes quite cheap i will say. Even the budget hostel just cost most likely RM25 per night. How Cool is that?


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