I’m Blabbing In The Car

last night went out at the middle of the night, for the sake of clubbing.

No, it’s not because i’m too wild that i decided to just go out in the middle of the night.

it was a very very off and on last minute planning. supposing should the clubbing session have cancel, that the VtheN suddenly say she wanted to go, i decline at first, den Soo called, twice, in the end i gave in. wtf. suddenly felt like i’m just so not firm with my decision. a little bit of hoo’s and hah’s i’m IN. why am i like that one?

i’ve written something when i was in the car, just opposite the Dang Wangi district police station yesterday night.

Right now i’m sitting in my dad’s car with the air-cond off, and listening to my handphone’s radio, hearing Nickelback’s song being air, while waiting for my friends to reach.

They just called and found out that they took the wrong turning and got lost till pass by the correct turning. They took the wrong turning instead. Haha, totally BLUR!

So right now, guess i need to wait longer for them to reach, a route that takes less than 5 minutes to reach, right now i think shall need to take more than 15 minutes, with all the turning and U-turn.

Don’t you think it’ll be interesting if life could also be like that? where whenever you did the wrong turning, there will always be a U-turn just a few meters away.

I called them again, just to ask them where are they, and got inform there’re being stopped by a police for breaking the law, as in going to the wrong lane. The coffee money consume by the police were no lesser than Rm20.00 i assume that shall be the benefit of being a student. Haha, because the police will know your poor and not that filthy rich. So a RM20 will do the sin. wtf

Listening to one of my current favourite song ‘Alicia Keys – No One’ 🙂 i love those moment when the radio so happen aired songs that i love, while i’m just at the mode of waiting because it just made every seconds worth while. I love FlyFM


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