Daily Dosage

i’m starting college real soon. my orientation day is on May 20th. The official school starts on May 26th. how not fun. im working till April 30th then i’m set to go back to my Kulim on May 1st for more than 2 weeks. then i’m set to go back to the world of books. i’m still not yet mentally and physically fit for study life yet. i’ve been working for the pass 2 years. how lah..to adapt life with the books and lecturers back.


I’m being tied up already. So, go away ducks


i’m going gym every evening now, that i think i’m going to b a health freak soon. you know why? i’m calculating all those calories that i’m going to intake on my meals everytime. in return, i’ll exercise till almost the same amout of time to minus back the calories.


i’m joining a cervical walk at Taman Titiwangsa this coming Sunday, 6th April 2008. I think it’ll be a very interesting walk. it starts at 7am. entry fee is RM20.00. but i think it’ll be worth it. undeniable. Registration will be done on that day itself. Friends, want to join me or not? i need some mates to follow me


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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