Chickenbone Decision equals to Get Laughed At

guess our daily dose of newspaper had been writing very frequently about our afterpost election.

with all those, newly appointed minister resigning, assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam resign and only to get back to his work after 6 hours, but his resignation letter really felt like pointing a gun onto his opposition party. he’s movement totally made the citizen once again felt that opposition is just so freaking fragile. wtf. Then there were a whole loads of news regarding our ex-PM.

nowadays, whenever i read the newspaper also abit bored already, even though i like political cat dog fight, but if it was too overload. then i’m just too bored to read.

what caught my attention this few days was… the FITNA SHORT CLIP produce by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders.

okay, i’m not saying it’s right to produce video that has racist contents in it. and i’m also not saying it’s right to do some protest over it. and worst, i’m not saying it’s right to do some chickenbone decision.

wanna know why..

boycott all dutch product

where got people like that wan.. ‘chiak pa bo shu cho’ is it?!!!

There’s this weird thinking local-supermarket director, say go boycott ‘dutch LADY’


dei, u got brain one anot..

it’s the dutch parliamentarian issue, why go drag my favourite dutch lady brand together go into the graveyard.

and for u dumb ass information, dutch lady has been establish in Malaysia for almost 50 years, manufacture here too.

Then, why lah..u wanna go boycott.

I could guarantee.. a Malaysian citizen for once in their lifetime sure taste before Dutch Lady’s product.

You never taste before Dutch Lady Powder Milk, Dutch Lady Yogurt, Dutch Lady UHT Milk, Dutch Lady Sterilised Milk and Dutch Lady Pasteurised Milk. wtf, you dare swear to God that you never try before, if u swear and you lied, God will take ur balls away and make u a sissy.

so boycott already how? u want one of our famous Dutch Lady Brand go KO-ed, is it? then in return, there’ll most likely be another one thousand humanoid got affect and work-less, job-less, salary-less. So how, you mydin company want to employ all of them is it?

sometimes right, i really don’t know what to say about my fellow Malaysian, always go do chickenbone decisions without really contemplating about it first.

think lah..properly before doing any decision. it’s not even dutch lady’s fault. so next time if nokia founder’s country got people go do some racist issue again, so u boycott again is it? then no more using nokia. then if KFC founder also the same, no more KFC. so in the end how.. everything also boycott. Malaysia really Malaysia that time.

Then what happen if it was being done at Russia, so how by that time? our astronaut all no need to fly up already (which i hope it do happen, waste our tax money just to fly some donkey monkey money up the space for less than a week, then come back down and say wtf, BRAVO) then force the Russian to pay us back our tax money, 90 million, right?

Why oh Why.. why are my fellow Malaysian like that one.

Ps: right now i just hope that person who produce the Fitna Clip won’t die very very cruelly because somehow i felt like from the moment this clip hit the net, he’s battling time with the danger that he got himself surrounded

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  1. Mike Harmon says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

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