Future Lies Ahead


So far yet so near.

Everyone also want to have a great future and doesn’t need to worry about food, clothes, travel and so on.

Sometimes as what i think, a good future equals to a good income or maybe u could say a juicy income.

Moolah always can’t be drag away from the word future.

or is it with a good reputation, social effect; only will it call as a excellent future.

i have people around me all with different motive in their future. Some had already starting to build their base during college times, while minority couldn’t even be bother about it. They’ll only say they’ll do their base maybe during final year or worst, when they graduate.  So which is wrong which is right, guess there’s no answer for it.

to be frank, sometimes i see those that just study for the sake of study, really felt like a waste of moolah.

i had a friend who is much older than me, explain to me something about the working society, which really got me awake. he said that people always study for the sake of study, actually it was during the college era that we could get our base done, by socializing with more adult people, working as intern to gain the experience. all these gives merit points when we’re really OFFICIALLY out to the working society. it’s better to build it earlier than to do it when studies are over and when a swarm of college graduate all mushrooming out.

Sometimes regarding all these future things really hard to be explain.

Right now, i just prays hard that the course that i’ll be studying will give me the opportunity to work overseas. by then, i could have the chance to earn moolah and venture into the overseas countries culture in a more citizen kind of style and not tourist. that was really what i wish it could happen, even thou it shall still be 5 years down the road. hey, nobody say i couldn’t do it right or dream it.


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