I’m Going To Gym

I’m a happy girl right now

i manage to convince or u could say ask my parent to support me with RM175 every month for the FitnessFirst monthly charge or u could monthly fee.

now i could always go to gym and get my parent to support me.

how not to love my parent.


on a unrelated note, i when for a buffet today, and i ate so much that now i felt guilty again. just felt like wanna go to the toilet to *cough*vomit*cough*

but don’t worry, i won’t do these kind of thing. I’m not that aneroxic or bullimia yet.

how to be those when even when i was a baby child, i ate this much for my birthday

About Ivy

Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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One Response to I’m Going To Gym

  1. adorablebabii11 says:

    you should look at this about weight loss

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