I’m in the Mood to Blog

yummy or not? yummy right?

bwahahahhahahah..but u can’t have it.

this photo was taken last year, but due to certain unforeseen reasons, it was kept under beneath most of my photos. happen to stumble upon it a few minutes ago.

Thus decided to upload it here.

i got this cuppacake last year when it was a day before LiMintheMsPepperpot birthday. i was totally at cloud nine because of it.

even though, that day itself bad luck decided to stick with me, and got a devil followed me twenty four hours but the cuppacake brighten up my night.

*heard people mushing*

this is no simple cuppacake u know?!

it’s made by my dear loupo Limin. that’s why it made my day. it was among the few times that i got homemade food one. somemore it was in a way, like a mini birthday cake she made for me. she made me six somemore,*if i’m not mistaken* so u could imagine how touched was i.

theprovence is those typical girl who could just shed tears if people around her make her something which is unique and only own by her only.

even thou it’s super duper late already, but LIMIN!!!

just wanna say THANK YOU for it oh.

this year birthday can i have another cuppacake with more icing again also ah?


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2 Responses to I’m in the Mood to Blog

  1. LM says:

    It has been quite some time since I’ve visited your blog and as I scrolled down just to have a quick glance of how many blogs that I have not read, this familiar picture caught my attention. Can’t help it…I just need to leave some comment here though I should be studying now. Hee…XP. Somehow, the cupcake looks much more delicious in the picture…hmmm. Too bad, I can’t remember how it taste like. Maybe in the future, some extraordinary geniuses may figure out and invent a device to capture the smell as well instead of only the picture. Ahhh, ignore that…I’m daydreaming again.
    I should be the one thanking you for that night and it was also a night of fireworks!! *smiles* 😉
    And is that second last sentence a request? Should I pretend that I hadn’t seen it?..hehehe…
    Ok…gotta go. Time to strive for the finals…wish me luck! 😀

  2. Provence says:

    *great big smile* 😉

    the last sentence is a REQUEST… u must see it.. clearly somemore. me wan cuppacake.. pretty pls 🙂

    Super Duper Tuper Good Luck In ur Exams.. My love is with u nehx!!


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