what to studies to choose?

i’m already planning to study in Mass Communication at TARC.

The problem now is i’m still not sure what to major at

  • Advertising
  • Broadcast Communication
  • Journalism
  • Media Studies
  • Public Relations

Actually everything courses of it is also interesting.

now i’m totally pissed up!!!

how to choose like this..

my death line is at 31st march

and till now i still don’t know what to choose.

i’m so brain death 😦

theprovence is feeling unhappy right now.

do u all think i have the possibility to study journalism?


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3 Responses to what to studies to choose?

  1. freedom??? says:

    well if u think u are creative enough and like colour and comp settign then u mai go for advertising lah …anyway advertising is not bad also …i used to like advertising last time…as for broad cast if u think u are good in the speaking way and ur english is good then mai go for broad cast lah…as for journalism i have no idea about it ..

  2. Provence says:

    thanks for the suggestion.
    hehe..but i’ve finally give up all my interest on PR.

    I guess i’ll love it

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