I’m A Semi-Free Bird

Yuppie!! *fires crackers* *runs around like a toddler*
I’ve finally quitted my job. me very brave!!!! *shrugs* no big deal, no big deal
Today or you could say yesterday which was Blue Monday, i finally tender my resignation letter. I nearly lost my balls(as if i do have) because of it.
Now i’m a semi-free-bird-without-half-its-freedom. Just to endure another one more month, i shall be set free for a month, before i’m going to be cage by another Study Cage. wtf. thou no good nor bad. guess i shouldn’t be too greedy and expect myself to be jobless and study-less.
Btw, u know or not?! i’m freaking pyscho one. The moment my Boss accepted my resignation letter. I was spreading sms like crazy to my friends, just to let them know i’ve quitted my job, and going back to studies.oh yah, and to share my small portion of happiness. hahahaha, i just wanna share it with them. So guys, after the mid of April i’ll be officially free and holidaying. *baby samuel*cough*laksa*seaside*ahem
My first stop destination had already been planned *beams*
I’ll be going back to my aunt’s place, which is Kulim as soon as i quit. Most probably i’ll be back there for about a month, depending on when will my college intake be. I just couldn’t wait for it already. I’ll be a happie pixie by then.
I’m a soul that finally could go back and do what she really wants. spread your wings babe!!
God, i know you love me


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3 Responses to I’m A Semi-Free Bird

  1. Beannie says:

    WTF !!! u DIE already if not how come u can fly ??!! lolx

  2. Provence says:


    yah lah.. i damn imaginary what..
    i dreamt that i fly!!

    by air asia..


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