I’m A Girl going to make HISTORY

So u know what i’ll do?!

i’ll make history


but in what sort of form, i have still yet to think. I’m not going to be well-behaved, because i won’t become those typical housewife that got married at the age of 26, married with 2 babies.

I shall marry at the age of 35(oops, kenot disclose my age by then) with a very sweet husband which hasn’t gone through divorce, being a daddy nor under the influence or drug. oh yah, and also must be very firm with what he thinks.

Right now, i assume i will be contemplating on what history i want to make and create.

So next time if you saw me with messy hair, bohemia clothing,  faded makeup, walking barefoot, without bra. Then you must know one thing, I’m creating history!!! by being the most ugly, dirty, unhygienie and also saggy boobs woman in Malaysia. wtf, why am i memalukan myself like tha.

Joking Joking.

I wouldn’t want my mommy come whacking my butt for embarassing her.

Dear all,

I’ll create history la. but in what sort of way still unsure, but i know somehow somewhere there’s a will, there’s a way.


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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