Take It, Let It Change

I just love this quote. It’s full of words, but the message is simple, just take the chance if you had. Don’t let it slip through your hands.

Grab hold on whatever that you think is worth you stubbornness, don’t regret in the end of the day. by then, no matter how u whine, nothing would change for u. I learn mine this way too.

Life is really sad to say, SHORT! 

Thanks. what i did, i know i’ll regret real bad if i don’t go through lifes college plot. Thus, i rather just jump out from my work and straight go to college. Even though i know by that time i’ll most likely be the eldest among all those 1990-born student but i just don’t wanna live life always thinking what would it be if i study college, will i get a good boyfriend through college, will i meet another cool best friend in college, what will college be if i were to travel for holiday with my whole intake friends. what would it feel like if i manage to get scholarship. what would it feel like if i manage to join some very chun competition and i win. damn, right now just thinking about it i’m feeling excited already.

Youth span is short, maybe right now i’ll be banging on all sorts of wrong and also right walls. At least i felt i did something that i really wanted. I may be banging walls like crazy, sometimes it’s a concrete wall, wooden wall or maybe super not painful toufu wall. At least i went through the corner of my life full of getting blue black at my whole body. wtf. poor comparison.

So i’m fucking hell enjoying what ever i’m doing right now. So 1990’s kids, here comes a big che-che. wtf

Something makes me felt like a dai ka jie all in a sudden, with loads of followers.

dream on theprovence, dream on! 


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