I wanted Everything, but Sometimes That Something Just Couldn’t Happen

I tend to wait around most of the time. Even when it was in a terms that i’m giving peple money. Yeah, wtf. i sound so useless that i shall be spank at the ass.

When i wanted to buy food for example, i’ll wait till all the vendors clients gone only i will voice out what i want. even though at that particular time i was in fact their first customer. so you see, how good am i?! so from now on, those sampat yet freaking irritating aunties please queue up! damn, i always kena cut queue from the aunties group one. why?!!! i very easy to be bully is it, aunties?!!! so from now on, i must fight for my position already. wtf. back off aunties

Even though when it comes to my future, i will also tend to slack around till it is this super duper uberly good time, or i shall say luck time. muahahahaha, because theprovence fengshui master told me too choose my luck time wisely, it is with that i shall have health, prosperity, wealth, and a good boyfriend. wtf

From now on, i’ll try to get what i think suits me best. I wouldn’t take up those second grade stuffs already. I must voice out whatever shit that i think is fair for me.

Yah, i’m so independent already.

First step, learn how to change light bulb, which i think i will fail miserable and quit halfway, wtf.

I’m in the mood of quote right now. Thus explain why was it all in a sudden so many quote out of a sudden.

Note: even though sometimes you were all i ever wanted but i know things wouldn’t work out the way it should have and must been, thus it was only when it’s you i just gave up without even trying. i’m just a loser all in a sudden, or maybe things just mustn’t happen between us.

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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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