Just P.S.S.S.


The purpose of the post below was not to annoyed you with my favourite onionhead.

But it was because i play crap with the wordpress code, that it ended up wtf. So i’ll had to add in onionhead so could differ the paragraph.


I’ve reformat my computer already. Right now i’m a happy lavender with a clean cpu without much virus yet. My cousin, SoonTheKit became a good guy and help me out. I love it when my relative is being super duper sweet. My computer right now has the privilege to download anime, movie, drama and music like crazy. HweiTheAdult also taught me how to play with bitcomet. muahahahaha.. right now i’m having downloading spree.. totally went over the board i assume. Bah, but who cares.


JeffreyTheSemiBald will be back this coming wednesday. *cry* by then i couldn’t have my msn on for 24 hours already. The bald guy sure will be conquering the computer like crazy. My movies, =( i’m emo-ing already.  but wtf lah… at least there’s someone to fight for the remote control now.


i think i had the mentality of like being abuse. wtf


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