Opposition Strike~ Whoopie Doomie Doom

Updated – 12.50am
Disclaimer : I’m political neutral

Opposition got Penang, Selangor, Kedah & Kelantan.

Guess the citizen just want to give the government some lesson. maybe yes maybe no. but there was one seat at penang even thou the candidate didn’t attend also could win, so what do you think? that’s what i call lesson learnt.

but i guess this time Barisan National sure lost real bad. Even Selangor also got conquer already.

but there were a few things that happen, i found out like totally wtf.

how could khairy win when the votes after recount again. doesn’t make sense. it’s somemore a difference by 800 votes. WTF?!!! those people that count blind is it? how could it be this much of differences. damn it. sure those people got BRIBE already. even najib’s position for Pekan also feels very suspicious. and btw, how the fuck up could there be all in a sudden another extra uncounted ballot box, somemore 14, malaysia government sure knows how to play with ‘magic’ but it still doesn’t makes sense all in a sudden 14 boxes appear out of no where. it just felt as if they are not capable and responsible over it.  DEMOCRAZY??!! i don’t think so..

*theprovence felt like shouting her lungs off right now, because everything about this election all in a sudden felt so fake, except that oppositon wins la, but about the khairy and najib and ballot box all FREAKING WHAT THE FUCK*

Right now i guess opposition should celebrate too hard till ‘certain’ parties decided to play some martial war. So dude, don’t party too hard. don’t provoke the particular ‘human bodies’.


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