12th Election Fever

one word to describe : Interesting

Me and my parent kept talking about the election fever today.

Personal thought,

i assume DAP most probably will win those popular states at Malaysia. *fingers crossed*

The place where i stay Teresa Kok wins!!! Actually i like her. At least during the past five years when she was the P.I.C. she did a great job, i don’t recall spotting a hole on the road, if do have, it will be fix really soon.  Even Bukit Bintang area has won by Fong Kui Lun, DAP, and Karpal Singh,Bukti Gelugor and Jeff Ooi, Jelutong.

Guess other hot areas are like Penang, Ipoh and a few areas at Kuala Lumpur.

Actually there are the good and bad people in all states. Then again, sometimes it’s just very hard to expel those that are good from the bad.

Muahahaha… Samy Vellu lose.. somemore the website written SamyVellu got total shock out of it, which i think was rather un-predictable for him.

*update* – Sungai Siput(samy vellue territory) area votes had been recount. wtf, can recount somemore wan ah?!

today i shall stay up a little bit late to see how’s the final outcome.

tomorrow’s newspaper shall be grab by everyone like crazy~~ muahahhaa


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