Photobucket’s Built In Image Editing, ROCKX!

*beams happily*

I like photobucket latest update is so freaking interesting, fun & simply marvellous for a nerd like me.

Let me show you what i’ve done for the pass minutes, merely few hours i assume. what to do, it’s just so interesting to play with effect, beautify and decorate. If it would have more stickers type, i would have gone crazy i assume. I used to have a software somewhat like the photobucket, but when i took my computer to re-format everything KO-ed already. I miss those days where i could just get wasted in front of the monitor doing all those naive stuffs. Ah.. those were the days.

Below are the masterpiece of yours truly : – do enjoy. wtf

Vain Me, i don’t need to worry about angle, lighting, and even good hair day already. If i think i look un-glamor in certain photo, i’ll just add effect. Tadah~~ beauty me by then.
Muahaha, i can laugh just by looking at this picture. Somemore i added curry chicken at the neck for GeoTheBro.
Fine Grain effect, plain yet breathtaking. btw, my parent took this photo at the Loch-Ness area. btw to no vail, couldn’t see any flying dinosaurus! loving!!! *heart* *heart*
I *heart* this photo, just made it felt so sur-real, and the feeling of warmth too. it’s just like i did everything on a piece of paper.
the cool gang, wtf! if you look properly, among everyone MeiTheVien was the most cool look. totally predictable. muahahhaha
TammyTheLilSis & SamuelTheBabyBro. one looks pretty happy, another wan looks handsome blur. *smoochie muah*
Finally, the main course,
theProvence got kissed by a baby angel. I’m a lucky girl~

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